American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Terms and Conditions for Automatic Renewal

By opting in for automatic renewal of your American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) membership, you agree to our Terms and Conditions for Automatic Renewal and authorize AASM to automatically debit your bank account/debit card or charge your credit card on an annual basis, unless you cancel your subscription.

Automatic Renewal enrollees will receive an annual reminder notice the first week of November and AASM will charge the full amount of the annual membership dues on December 15 to the payment method provided. Individuals transitioning into a new membership category (i.e. resident to physician), will be notified of the change and charged for that category's established dues rate.

Automatic renewal enrollees have until the last Friday of November of the current year to cancel automatic AASM membership renewal for the upcoming year by contacting us in writing at one of the methods provided below or online, after which time, individuals are eligible for a full refund of their AASM membership dues until February 28 of the current year.

AASM's dues rates are as follows:

Full Member - $300
Individuals must hold an MD, DO, PhD, DDS, DNP, or other healthcare doctoral degree and be active in sleep disorders medicine. It also includes:

Team Member - $140-$240*

*Discounted pricing is available to staff who are employed by an AASM Facility Member.

Affiliate Member - $300

Not Available for the following due to verification requirements:

Cancellation of automatic membership dues renewal may be submitted in writing to:



(630) 737-9790

Mailing Address:

American Academy of Sleep Medicine
2510 North Frontage Road
Darien, IL 60561